Does Your Two-Wheeler Insurance Cover Flood And Water Damage?

Does Your Two-Wheeler Insurance Cover Flood And Water Damage?

Water and flood damage are typically offered as optional coverage additions on bike insurance policies. However, residents of flood-prone locations would be wise to invest in such extras.

Every year during the monsoon season, there are reports of cities getting inundated. In these situations, poor drainage systems, which lead to extreme waterlogging, only worsen matters. As a result, drivers face significant challenges, such as the risk of their vehicles being damaged or destroyed by floodwaters.

Many vehicles, including bikes, are damaged as a result. Every year, photos emerge online that show these severely damaged vehicles. In these, you may find high-end bikes, including superbikes. The repair costs for these high-end vehicles undoubtedly leave their owners strapped.

Does the insurance company pick up the tab? Or would the owner need to buy new bike insurance?  The answer depends mainly on the auto insurance plan one selects.

First and foremost, if your vehicle only has third-party insurance, you can never file a claim for damage to the vehicle itself. Thus, it is essential to have comprehensive bike insurance. Check online to verify if protection against flood and water damage is an express provision of the insurance plan. Since this protection may not be included in the base cost of most insurance plans (even zero-dep ones), adding it can result in a higher premium each year. We advise you to purchase this insurance because floods might result in costly repairs to your vehicle.

Water can cause serious damage to the engine’s cylinders, pistons, spark plugs, and valves if it gets in through the air intake or exhaust. A hydrostatic lock is a term for this condition, which can lead to engine seizure. Repair costs are very high, and the engine might need replacement due to the risk of hydrostatic shock. Don’t attempt to restart a stalled vehicle in water. Ensure your policy covers engine damage from flooding.

A zero depreciation policy can cover the cost of replacing damaged or lost parts if you include it in your bike insurance policy. Insurance typically does not cover water damage to consumable components such as nuts, bolts, brake oil, screws, grease, etc. These optional extras must be purchased separately, even with zero depreciation auto coverage.

Therefore, the level of assistance your bike insurance provides in the event of water damage is proportional to the policy and any optional riders that were added. Therefore, we advise those who reside in regions prone to waterlogging or floods to invest in the extras mentioned above so that they are financially protected if their car is damaged by water or flood.

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