How much does a bomber jacket of b-2 cost?

women b3 bomber jacket

How much does a bomber jacket of b-2 cost?

What is a B2 bomber jacket?

The American aviation department launched ww2 b3 bomber jacket at the period in World War 2. It was very identical similar to the Bomber Jacket B2. They designed this jacket for military pilots in the course of the conflict. The enclosed cockpit was not properly fixed in the majority of aircraft during the time of war. The US pilots were at risk in extremely frigid temperatures. The leather jacket outfits allowed them to stay warm when temperatures were at an altitude of 25000 feet due to their genuine sheepskin. This jacket was the first to be the signature of both fighter pilots.

Similar to the male b3 bomber jacket b2 jackets usually have the body cut short and wrap at the waistline. The length at the bottom with a waistline has a ribbed outline. It has knitted rib cuffs at the bottom of the sleeves. The front zipper can reach towards the ib knitted collar. There are two practical pockets along the sides. This bomber jacket comes with a shearling collar to give additional warmth as well as to make it comfortable. These jackets are well-known for their superb fit and cool style.

What’s the price?

The price of a Bomber jacket made of leather will probably be priced between $500 and USD 1000. There are a variety of aspects and features that allow the price to range from 500 to $1,000. The range of prices is based on the prices that are available in more than 50 online and physical stores throughout Tallinn the US, Europe, and Asia. The type of leather, brand, quality of the material, and personalize are on the top of the list of things that affect the cost of a jacket.

Leather Type

It is constructed of genuine leather, which comes from various animal hides. Every animal’s hide has distinct characteristics and an individual price range. Let’s take a review of the leathers’ characteristics and prices.


Cowhide is a widely used leather in all parts of the world. It’s a bargain on the cost scale. is an affordable price, but that doesn’t suggest that it’s useless. The leather of cowhide has the thickness of a thick coat and is extremely robust. With cowhide, you’ll buy the jacket for anywhere from $300 and $700plus.


This leather type is an extremely common kind of leather, but the feature that makes it different from cowhide is the fact it’s less dense and softer than cowhide. It can be found on the market for $350 to $700plus.

Lambskin / Sheepskin

The world is producing lambskin from young sheep. Ecommerce Business In addition, the sheepskin leather is made by mature sheep. The type of leather used is light extremely soft and elastic. In most leather jackets, sheep or lambskin is utilized. The cost of this leather jacket can range from $500-$800.


People are using this popular leather lining in the B3 category jackets. It also includes sheepskin. The major difference between this and sheepskin is that it is made up of real fur that is very warm, and costly. The price range starts from $500 to $1000 or above USD. Also, faux fur is available on the market. It is sometimes referred to as syntactic fur and can be purchased from 500 to $800and more.


The kangaroo is the thinnest and soft, tough light, and expensive leather. The companies are manufacturing most of the motorbike suit archives using this kind of leather. Its cost is in the range between $600-$1200.

Material Quality & Craftsmanship

We all know, that quality plays a crucial aspect in all products, whether it’s a simple gel pen or garment. After the choice of the leather type, There are other things to evaluate when purchasing jackets or evaluating the price of the garment. A low-cost marital quality jacket will not be comparable to a high-end material jacket.

Craftsmanship is also crucial in the making of the product. The product made of poor craftsmanship is never at the level of high-quality workmanship. A jacket that is of higher quality will certainly be more costly, however, it doesn’t mean that a higher price always provides better quality.

How do you check the fabric and workmanship of the jackets quality? Below are a few basic factors of influence the fabric of the overall jackets.


When evaluating the price of the product it is worth looking at the stitching on the jacket. The most important thing to look at while stitching is the thread lining. If the jacket is a single line of thread, it is thin and not a top-quality jacket. Always choose a thick double-line stitching thread that provides greater protection on the jacket.

Zip Capacity

The majority of jackets have zips and this is why zip quality is crucial. To test the zip’s quality you can test it by lifting and lowering the zip with its sides attached, and without. If it moves easily, it means it’s a good quality zip.


Each brand has its brand goodwill which is evident in its pricing ranges for products. Brands with solid goodwill, like Gucci as well as Nike, always have a costly product range. Additionally, local sellers’ price range for the same product is much less expensive than the well-known brand.


When we speak of Bomber jackets or any other type of fashion There are a lot of people who prefer customizations such as their names or customize logos on garments. Particularly, women are more prone to customizing. They are having their accustomed size in their women’s women’s B3 Bomber Jacket. As contrasted to a normal leather bomber jacket, or any other item, personalized items will cost slightly more.

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