Do E-cigarettes Really Help to Cease Smoking? IVG Bar


With all the going on trends and social media news that the new e-cigarettes stop the smoking habit, some people are still giving forward their controversial thoughts. They believe that e-cigarettes are similar to traditional cigarettes and do nothing better. As a smoker trying to cease smoking, you must be searching for ways that can assist you on your mission. If you’re also confused about whether the popular IVG Bar  disposable vapes really help to stop smoking or not, we’re here today to settle down your troubling thoughts and answer your questions.

This article will discuss the possible ways vapes help stop smoking. Read below to find out!

Ways Vaping Can Help End Smoking

Below are the ways mentioned to elaborate on the the fact that how vaping can help you in quitting smoking. So that you could see a positive difference in your health:

The Usage of Nic-Salt

Traditional cigarettes use free-base nicotine derived from tobacco. Nicotine is the most detrimental form of nicotine and can bring lots of health concerning diseases. Because tobacco doesn’t only contain nicotine, it delivers lots of other health sabotaging components such as tar, carbon monoxide, and other toxic chemicals such as benzene, arsenic and formaldehyde. Cigarettes use a combustion process and burn these items–making them more dangerous.

Vapes, on the other hand, consist of nic salts. These nic salts are absorbed by your body more efficiently and for longer durations. It means you’ll not feel the urge to vape again and again, just like you do with cigarettes. You can take two or three puffs, fulfil your nicotine cravings, and turn the disposable vape device off. However, smokers smoke the whole cigarette as they don’t like to waste their hard-earned money by throwing it half used.

Customisable Nicotine Amount

The adjustable nicotine content is the most helpful feature of disposable vapes like crystal bar to stop smoking. All vaping devices offer a variety of choices to set the nicotine level according to your needs. However, only 20mg of nicotine can legally be vaped in the UK. Any more can get you in illegal trouble.

First, find out what nicotine content you need with the help of some disposable vapes because they finish only in a few days, i.e. 3 to 5 days. Suppose you buy 20mg of nicotine-induced vape and feel like it’s a bit hard for you. You can take fewer puffs until it gets finished. Then you can invest in another disposable vape device with a lower nicotine content, such as 16 or 18mg. Similarly, when you find the right nicotine amount, you can slowly lower the nicotine content in your vapes weekly until you reach 0mg nicotine.

The Role of E-liquid Flavours

You must be thinking about how flavours can help you stop smoking. Flavours play a significant role in stopping smoking because, as a smoker, your tongue is addicted to tobacco flavour and senses no other flavour like you used to. Vape’s E-liquid flavours help introduce new flavours to your taste buds and welcome you to your previous life. The flavours, such as peppermint, will fulfil the tobacco flavour needs that your tongue is addicted to.

Moreover, if you’re a stable person who doesn’t like to switch things repeatedly, it would be best if you stick to 2 E-liquid flavours. Using only 1 can result similar to a cigarette; it can invite the vaper’s tongue where you don’t feel any other taste except the one you’re vaping with. It must have at least two flavours to beat the smoking habit optimally.

You can use disposable vapes such as elux legend mini to find your favourite flavours as they are only for a limited time. You can buy different flavours in a deal of 3 or 5 and enjoy them to the best.

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